The Ins, the Outs, the All-Abouts of the Life of a Typical Dartmouth Student

Friday, April 22, 2011


I was randomly asked by my friend Wednesday to attend a concert with him yesterday. Not knowing what I signed myself up for, I quickly said yes.

The group performing at the HOP was Sonic/Mafia, which featured two members from the popular group Wilco. Their music and style was rather unusual-- they played a multitude of percussion instruments-- set to the backdrop of either a painter or moving images.

It was quite interesting; at points, Benji (my friend) and I didn't know what to think. We were simply overwhelmed by the sheer creativity of the artists.

Check out them out at:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shared Experiences

My brother and I have always got along. True, we've had our differences; we're constantly competing with each other (although we openly insist that we aren't.... sibling rivalry is unavoidable); and our styles are completely different, but I love my brother to death.

My brother, Manav, is a senior in high school. As the older child I'd always thought that I would be the one teaching him things, but there is so much that my brother has taught me. He has taught me how to live in the moment-- to embrace friends and to take things lightly. He has taught me to laugh a little-- and that making a fool of oneself isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it can be quite therapeutic! He has taught me to study efficiently, and to not get caught up the small nuisances. For those reasons, and many others, I love my brother.

My brother and I have shared a lot growing up-- from a room, to a dog, and now-- Dartmouth.

As of last night, my brother is now a Dartmouth 2015. Congratulations, Baby Brother!

Monday, April 4, 2011

To the Class of 2015

Congratulations on your acceptance into Dartmouth College!

A diverse and unique group of students, you are some of the best students in the world-- and you should definitely be proud!

Make sure to come to Dartmouth's Dimensions later in April-- it will give you a clearer idea about what Dartmouth student life is really like.

Once again, congratulations!
I hope to see you soon.